Adding Skype SIP Line to Polycom VVX410

Recently a client asked about adding a Skype SIP line into their existing Polycom VVX410 VOIP telephone.  The client already uses OnSip as their virtual PBX.  They wanted to add Skype capabilities to their conference room. I found no documentation at Polycom or on Google searches.  So for future reference here is how I addedContinue reading “Adding Skype SIP Line to Polycom VVX410”

Why I am not sold on VOIP PBX

A customer, a local landscaper, called me up a couple of weeks ago looking for advice on a pending telephone system acquisition.  He had a limited budget to work with and needed less than 9 extensions (which included 2 fax machines.)  While he’d sought a number of bids, only one had come back.  He thought theContinue reading “Why I am not sold on VOIP PBX”