Working Around Possible Lockout on UniFi Amplifi…lost Password to WiFi

We had a call from a vacation rental house owner using a UniFi Amplifi for guest access. The owner of the property had misplaced the password for the non-guest WiFi and was concerned it would need to be reset the device to gain access. Some of the devices used on the secure network are usedContinue reading “Working Around Possible Lockout on UniFi Amplifi…lost Password to WiFi”

Network Tool Upgrade

Today, my old RJ45 Cat5 crimp tool died after too many crimp attempts finally caused its mechanism to give out.  So I drove to my local electronic parts distributor to find a replacement.  From past experiences of easily breaking the plastic tools with my vise-like grip, I knew that I wanted a metal construction withContinue reading “Network Tool Upgrade”


This blog is not a first for the industry.  Although it is a first for American Special Projects (AmSpec to our friends) and a personal first for me. I’ve been in technology a while now.  And while I am trained in finance, technology is my real passion.  Keep checking back on this blog.  No doubt I’llContinue reading “Hello world! I AM SPECIAL PROJECTS”