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Latest from the Blog

Working Around Possible Lockout on UniFi Amplifi…lost Password to WiFi

We had a call from a vacation rental house owner using a UniFi Amplifi for guest access. The owner of the property had misplaced the password for the non-guest WiFi and was concerned it would need to be reset the device to gain access. Some of the devices used on the secure network are used…

Using OnSip™ with UniFi™ Firewall & Traffic Management (Network 7.1.68)

As of July 2022, several of our clients are using the cloud based OnSip Voice Over IP virtual private branch exchange phone system. OnSip was purchased by Intrado a while back and post-merger their customer service is still outstanding & the technical support is great. The level of uptime and reliability for all of our…

Coming Soon…Learning Home Automation

We are in the process of learning how to integrate the different IoT and home automation tools available to businesses and consumers. Couple of false starts and a number of success stories to tell you about. Be sure to check back in mid 2022 to begin reading our series of how to get started and…

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