Using OnSip™ with UniFi™ Firewall & Traffic Management (Network 7.1.68)

As of July 2022, several of our clients are using the cloud based OnSip Voice Over IP virtual private branch exchange phone system. OnSip was purchased by Intrado a while back and post-merger their customer service is still outstanding & the technical support is great. The level of uptime and reliability for all of ourContinue reading “Using OnSip™ with UniFi™ Firewall & Traffic Management (Network 7.1.68)”

SlideIT for Android

For years we’ve all struggled with the qwerty keyboards…after all the keyboard is a hold out from the analog typewriter days. Recently I’ve tried SlideIT for Android. This virtual keyboard tool makes it possible to help portable devices overcome the limits of screen sensitivity, processor issues and the cumbersome QWERTY typing process. Check out thisContinue reading “SlideIT for Android”

Competing in the US Chamber’s I AM FREE ENTERPRISE Contest

American Special Projects and its team members have entered the US Chamber of Commerce’s I Am Free Enterprise video contest. We learned of the contest on Wednesday April 7, 2010; shot the video on Thursday; and edited/submitted it on Friday before the 6 p.m. deadline. Our ability to meet this tight timeline for a videoContinue reading “Competing in the US Chamber’s I AM FREE ENTERPRISE Contest”

Menthol Smokers Are More Likely to Quit Smoking

American Special Projects reports data on cigarette reduction and cessation study. To be published study, performed for a client, indicates that menthol flavor may aid in reduction and cessation programs for cigarette smokers. The study results mirror and expand on scientific research from earlier in 2009 indicating higher addiction rates for menthol smokers.

Best (and sometimes free) Tools for the Mobile Professional

A few weeks ago a long time friend asked me to find a free tool to enable his small home office team to share contacts and other valuable information.  He didn’t need a CRM as they were already using SalesForce. Having left the corporate world in December 2007, I’ve had an opportunity to explore theContinue reading “Best (and sometimes free) Tools for the Mobile Professional”


This blog is not a first for the industry.  Although it is a first for American Special Projects (AmSpec to our friends) and a personal first for me. I’ve been in technology a while now.  And while I am trained in finance, technology is my real passion.  Keep checking back on this blog.  No doubt I’llContinue reading “Hello world! I AM SPECIAL PROJECTS”