Best (and sometimes free) Tools for the Mobile Professional

A few weeks ago a long time friend asked me to find a free tool to enable his small home office team to share contacts and other valuable information.  He didn’t need a CRM as they were already using SalesForce. Having left the corporate world in December 2007, I’ve had an opportunity to explore theContinue reading “Best (and sometimes free) Tools for the Mobile Professional”

SOHO Document Management Systems

This month I was preparing to write on the wonders of the free web tools available from Google and other vendors.  The review of essential freeware is going to have to wait until next month.   This month I had an opportunity to research the various types of document management systems available for home andContinue reading “SOHO Document Management Systems”

Why I am not sold on VOIP PBX

A customer, a local landscaper, called me up a couple of weeks ago looking for advice on a pending telephone system acquisition.  He had a limited budget to work with and needed less than 9 extensions (which included 2 fax machines.)  While he’d sought a number of bids, only one had come back.  He thought theContinue reading “Why I am not sold on VOIP PBX”


This blog is not a first for the industry.  Although it is a first for American Special Projects (AmSpec to our friends) and a personal first for me. I’ve been in technology a while now.  And while I am trained in finance, technology is my real passion.  Keep checking back on this blog.  No doubt I’llContinue reading “Hello world! I AM SPECIAL PROJECTS”