Router Adware Malicious Hack causes Appimart Codec Nightmare

Recently my Chrome and Internet Explorer applications have been making unprompted requests to update the codecs (related to a website called appimart) and my tablet based internet monitoring tool was blocking additional request for information. I use several adware detection tools and very aggressive anti-virus and firewall protection. It was stumping me where this problemContinue reading “Router Adware Malicious Hack causes Appimart Codec Nightmare”

Private Email Services Division Re-Launches Service

PORTLAND, ME – MAY 1, 2014 – Madison Connections officially announced the re-launch of its popular electronic mail services.  The re-launch includes several new trademarks, service marks and are protected by pending patents.  The electronic email service will operate under the Private Email Services division of the corporation.  The initial electronic mail portals are aimed at consumerContinue reading “Private Email Services Division Re-Launches Service”

Network Tool Upgrade

Today, my old RJ45 Cat5 crimp tool died after too many crimp attempts finally caused its mechanism to give out.  So I drove to my local electronic parts distributor to find a replacement.  From past experiences of easily breaking the plastic tools with my vise-like grip, I knew that I wanted a metal construction withContinue reading “Network Tool Upgrade”

SlideIT for Android

For years we’ve all struggled with the qwerty keyboards…after all the keyboard is a hold out from the analog typewriter days. Recently I’ve tried SlideIT for Android. This virtual keyboard tool makes it possible to help portable devices overcome the limits of screen sensitivity, processor issues and the cumbersome QWERTY typing process. Check out thisContinue reading “SlideIT for Android”

Competing in the US Chamber’s I AM FREE ENTERPRISE Contest

American Special Projects and its team members have entered the US Chamber of Commerce’s I Am Free Enterprise video contest. We learned of the contest on Wednesday April 7, 2010; shot the video on Thursday; and edited/submitted it on Friday before the 6 p.m. deadline. Our ability to meet this tight timeline for a videoContinue reading “Competing in the US Chamber’s I AM FREE ENTERPRISE Contest”

Menthol Smokers Are More Likely to Quit Smoking

American Special Projects reports data on cigarette reduction and cessation study. To be published study, performed for a client, indicates that menthol flavor may aid in reduction and cessation programs for cigarette smokers. The study results mirror and expand on scientific research from earlier in 2009 indicating higher addiction rates for menthol smokers.

Thoughts on and following the Consumer Electronic Show

In early January I flew to Las Vegas for the International Consumer Electronics Show.  Despite the tough economic times and rumors that attendance was down, the show floor was a bustling place.  Overall there was a lot of excitement around big tickets items such as sub-inch thick televisions, netbooks and 3D television.  I’d say theContinue reading “Thoughts on and following the Consumer Electronic Show”