Suggestion on Ubiquiti UniFi Controller Versions – July 2018

We use the Ubiquiti UniFi Controller (now in version 5.8.24 stable candidate release) to run our networks. Our best practice suggestion is to have 2 virtual machines – a production and a development role which alternate after each release – and then use a DNS service such as DYN for assigning the active machine toContinue reading “Suggestion on Ubiquiti UniFi Controller Versions – July 2018”

Upgrading to Windows 10 – A Smooth Experience

For the past couple of months Microsoft has been urging me to upgrade my various PCs, tablets and workstations to Windows 10.  I finally relented and made the upgrade on a couple of tablets, virtual machines and a workstation.  All of the installations were completed using Cox highspeed internet (150 mbps) from the Cloud. ForContinue reading “Upgrading to Windows 10 – A Smooth Experience”

Adding Skype SIP Line to Polycom VVX410

Recently a client asked about adding a Skype SIP line into their existing Polycom VVX410 VOIP telephone.  The client already uses OnSip as their virtual PBX.  They wanted to add Skype capabilities to their conference room. I found no documentation at Polycom or on Google searches.  So for future reference here is how I addedContinue reading “Adding Skype SIP Line to Polycom VVX410”

Foscam – Windows has blocked this software because it can’t verify the publisher.

Anyone who has purchased a Foscam camera in the past couple of years has undoubtedly experienced the Windows Internet Explorer Add-on Installer Security Warning.  Here are the exact steps to get around it on Windows 8.  This blog entry will teach you how to manually expand the file so you can manually install theContinue reading “Foscam – Windows has blocked this software because it can’t verify the publisher.”

Which Vacation Rental Service is Best? A Comparison of HomeAway, AirBnB and FlipKey

One of our clients, a property management company, recently ventured into the vacation rental market.  Based on our work with another client and personal experience we made recommendations on various vacation rental services they should use.  When I travel, I prefer to stay in a vacation rental versus a hotel for longer stays or whenContinue reading “Which Vacation Rental Service is Best? A Comparison of HomeAway, AirBnB and FlipKey”

Router Adware Malicious Hack causes Appimart Codec Nightmare

Recently my Chrome and Internet Explorer applications have been making unprompted requests to update the codecs (related to a website called appimart) and my tablet based internet monitoring tool was blocking additional request for information. I use several adware detection tools and very aggressive anti-virus and firewall protection. It was stumping me where this problemContinue reading “Router Adware Malicious Hack causes Appimart Codec Nightmare”

Private Email Services Division Re-Launches Service

PORTLAND, ME – MAY 1, 2014 – Madison Connections officially announced the re-launch of its popular electronic mail services.  The re-launch includes several new trademarks, service marks and are protected by pending patents.  The electronic email service will operate under the Private Email Services division of the corporation.  The initial electronic mail portals are aimed at consumerContinue reading “Private Email Services Division Re-Launches Service”