Adding Skype SIP Line to Polycom VVX410

Recently a client asked about adding a Skype SIP line into their existing Polycom VVX410 VOIP telephone.  The client already uses OnSip as their virtual PBX.  They wanted to add Skype capabilities to their conference room.

I found no documentation at Polycom or on Google searches.  So for future reference here is how I added Skype to a Polycom VVX410 phone without needing a Lync server.


(assumes you have http access to phone and know the admin password and that you have already used Skype Manager to setup SIP account):

1) Access the phones web interface by going to https://myip

2) Select the Setting/Lines then select the Line that you want to add the Skype SIP address to and be certain to select a Line that is not already in use.  If you are using OnSip it can show you what lines are available…beware because it will not be able to see custom line configurations you make from this point forward.

151009 skype1

3) In Identification Enter the Display Name

4) In Address enter the Skype Connect SIP ID + “”

5) In Label enter “Skype” (or whatever you want displayed on the phone’s display)

151009 skype 2

6) In Authentication Enter the Domain

7) Enter User ID which is the Skype Connect SIP ID #

8) Enter the Skype Password

151009 skype 3

9) In Outbound Proxy Address

10) Port 5060

11) Transport UDPOnly

151009 skype 4

12) Server 1 Address

13) Port 5060

14) ‘Save’ on Phone


This should work for outbound SIP calls.  Inbound SIP calls are received by giving out address of or by using a Skype account (must be managed from within Skype Manager).


For use with OnSip we created an External SIP Address and assigned an extension number.  Internal callers and callers using the AutoAttendant can now access this line.


The Skype helpline was frustrating with respect to adding forwarding information from a Skype address to Skype SIP.  Here is what you do in Skype Manager (

1) Create a new Account in the Create Account area

2) Once it is created log into Skype and set it up to receive call from Anyone

3) Back in the Manager select Features / Skype Connect

4) Select Incoming Line and Add A Managed Account using the name of the newly created Account

Now whoever is on Skype placing a call to that account will be forwarded to your Skype SIP account.

About the only function it appears that a Skype SIP line is incapable of performing is outbounding a call to a Skype Account.


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