Router Adware Malicious Hack causes Appimart Codec Nightmare

Recently my Chrome and Internet Explorer applications have been making unprompted requests to update the codecs (related to a website called appimart) and my tablet based internet monitoring tool was blocking additional request for information. I use several adware detection tools and very aggressive anti-virus and firewall protection.

It was stumping me where this problem could be originating from within my tablet PC.  I even went to two extremes with first restoring my PC to an earlier date and then when that failed refreshing the entire tablet to factory specifications.  Nothing worked!

Then it occured to me that I was only having the problem with one of my wireless routers — Linksys e2500.  I discovered that the DNS servers for the connection to the ISP (Time Warner Cable) had been changed and that the internal DHCP DNS was changed also.  So I released and renewed the Time Warner connection and then changed the DNS settings on the DHCP.  Rebooted the router.  The settings remained correct.

Problem resolved.

This looks to be a Linksys issue.  As it turns out I have been planning to upgrade to a SonicWall for the past couple of months.  Looks like I have a reason to do that now.

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