Private Email Services Division Re-Launches Service

PORTLAND, ME – MAY 1, 2014 – Madison Connections officially announced the re-launch of its popular electronic mail services.  The re-launch includes several new trademarks, service marks and are protected by pending patents.  The electronic email service will operate under the Private Email Services division of the corporation.  The initial electronic mail portals are aimed at consumer markets using the brands of SecureMail.XXX™, Forgetnic™ and MILfamily™.  Additional trademarks that the company will develop for brand recognition and distinction include: auto-destructing electronic message™, auto-destructing electronic messaging™, Disguised Notifications™, Ditty Domains™, We Can Keep A Secret™ and Like You Never Sent It™.

The services are all pay services with charges ranging from $72 to $96 per year.  The fee currently includes two accounts for the price of one which should make it easier to begin messaging.  In addition, the company provides service extensions to customers that refer friends.  One of the planned promotions will offer one free year of service when 5 referrals are completed.  Special rates are available for member of the military, veterans and their families.

Marketing information for the Forgetnic service can be found at  Additional information can be found in the corporate blog at

The service is currently in alpha testing and will begin beta testing Summer 2014.  Official product launch is scheduled for September 2014.

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